Desiccant cycle and component designer

Nowadays, energy and water consumption has become a serious problem for most countries of the world and governments are spending lot of time and energy on developing systems which are more efficient. Air conditioning and HVAC systems are major energy consumers and in these days, all companies are trying to develop equipment with less energy and water consumption. Conventional vapor- compression cycles are very suitable for all points of world, but one of their disadvantages is great energy consumption. On the other hand, swamp coolers or direct evaporative coolers, are very energy efficient, but they consume a lot of water and also they are suitable for dry regions. One of the greatest solution for this problem is utilization of desiccant evaporative coolers. Also if the heat source of the regeneration is supplied from a renewable source such as solar collectors, it’s energy consumption would be as low as possible.

In this project, a software has been developed, which has mainly three parts. At the first part, famous desiccant cooling cycles are being analyzed thermodynamically and the results are being presented on Psychometric chart. At the second part, each component of desiccant cooling cycle is being designed and also optimized separately. The design methodology for each component is extracted from recently published papers. Meta heuristic techniques are used for optimization purpose. At the third part, the design optimization of the entire desiccant cooling cycle is being carried out. Using this developed software, all design specifications of a desiccant cooling cycle can be calculated.


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